Elifoot – Game Description

Elifoot is a famous Manager Game in the classic style.

It is considered by many to be one of the most addictive games ever, due to its simplicity and challenging entertainment capacity.

Each player plays the role of president and coach of a club, buys and sells players, manages the finances and selects the players for each game.


The teams are divided into divisions, each season has the competitions of the league, national cup and international cup.


Starting in 1987 in the ZX Spectrum version, Elifoot later developed into the PC/MS-DOS version and then PC/Windows. A new version is now available for mobile devices.


Have fun competing with players from all over the world. Rankings and lists of world, national, regional, and public or private community records with your friends.

Elifoot 24 maintains the same features as the previous version: National Championship, National Cup, International Cups by Continents, Continental Cups and World Cup., adding the State / District championships.

Advantages of the PREMIUM version

Limitations of the FREE or non-registration version: